Commercial Application Commercial Application

QYSEA FIFISH P3 - Commercial Uses

Commercial Application

FIFISH P3 is an underwater drone to capture epic underwater moments. It can apply to commercial photography, underwater rescue, archaeological observation, Underwater Live Broadcast, diving teaching, yacht travel, aquarium entertainment project, tourism peripheral project, underwater tourist route survey, etc.

Commercial Photography

FIFISH P3 dived with Chinese diving star in Indonesia and captured all kinds of amazing underwater moments

Commercial Photography

Indonesia commercial photography project.

Underwater Live Broadcast

FIFISH has chosen Maldives as its live broadcast spot. Bikini Girls, amazing corals, cute underwater creatures, all of them could be saw by FIFISH P3

Underwater Live Broadcast

Malaysia Underwater live Show


World first consumer-grade underwater drone-FIFISH was indicated as underwater shooting equipment for Chinese underwater documentaries to shoot videos of QianDao Lake in 12th, Dec,2017


Qiandao lake Archaeology Project

Underwater Rescue

FIFISH has assisted the search project of the falling-river vehicle in Da Du River , Si Chuan Province for Blue Sky Rescue in May, 2017. FIFISH P3 has successfully help search the right position of falling-river vehicle

DaDuiHe Rescue Project

Product Solution



    3 thrusters provides 1.5m/sec speed. 2 hours of solid underwater operating time on a single battery charge and computational fluid dynamics dedicated design make P3 could deep to 100 meters for epic moments and real-time observation.

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