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  • FIFISH V6 Underwater Robot

    World's first OMNI 4K underwater drone that truly moves like a fish!
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    • 6 Degrees of Freedom6 Degrees of Freedom
    • Posture Lock™Posture Lock™
    • Head TrackingHead Tracking
    • 100m Depth Rating100m Depth Rating
    • 4K UHD in 30 fps4K UHD in 30 fps
    • 166° Ultra Wide Angle166° Ultra Wide Angle
    • 4.5 Hours Diving Time4.5 Hours Diving Time
    • 4000 Lumen LED4000 Lumen LED
    • 8x Slow Motion8x Slow Motion
    • Image StabilizationImage Stabilization
    • H.265 for Sharp DetailsH.265 for Sharp Details
    • RAW in DNG FormatRAW in DNG Format


    • 50m Package
    • 100m Package


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      • Andrea Martin

        Going to Mexico soon and can’t wait to get mine! Excellent customer service team who answered all my questions thoroughly. Cheers!
      • Ryan

        I took an early model on a trip to Hawaii for a filming project, compliments of the FIFISH Team. The head tracking function was quite an amazing function that really made me feel immersed into the ocean world. Almost forgetting about the remote controller, I was able to capture amazing footage and control where I wanted to go simply by moving my head and looking that particular direction. In the evening, we were able to leverage the drone’s bright LED’s to capture some amazing shots of the giant and majestic Manta Rays. A truly amazing trip made even better with the FIFISH V6.
      • Brian Raney

        I have a small pond out behind my home that I lost a DJI Drone several years ago. FIFISH emailed me a few months ago and asked I was interested in showing this model on my video channel. I figured since I had a use for it, and several lakes around where we host the show, that this could be a fun opportunity to check out an underwater robot! It is truly remarkable to look at! Surprisingly, it reminds me a lot of flying an Airplane. The controls with the Pitch, Roll and Yaw of the vehicle are identical. Of course, any piloting experience would be helpful but certainly not necessary. There are 3 different skill modes I can run this submarine on. Also, I really like how bright the lights are! For me, the murky pond can be very dark and as long as I keep my machine moving in a forward motion, the wash from the thrust propellers was not an issue at all. The First-Person view goggles were nice and not heavy. Super neat and functional, and what a unique and amazing experience! Overall, I had an excellent run time and could have easily gone more. Excited to test it out more in the near future!
      • Sarah

        Received the FIFISH V6 last week for one of my video shoots. It’s very user friendly, easy to set-up with a very helpful customer service team. I was amazed at how free and versatile V6’s movement was and was able to simply move in any direction and angle imaginable. My videos involve deep dives into wreckage sites and caves, and the V6 had no problem creating some incredibly dynamic wide-angle and close-ups within one shot. I had a lot of fun and was able to affectively focus on my targets with various smart controls, like locking the drone’s angle and depth while moving. the drone was effortless in providing smooth and shake-free footage, making my post-editing tasks highly enjoyable. I would suggest doing a little learning in a pool to get use to the controls before plunging it into the ocean. It is simple to operate, video is outstanding as are the stills. Overall, very well-made piece of equipment with great service!
      • Kevin Lee

        Just pre-ordered this over the weekend. Just time for Summer and excited to take this out for a dive!
      • Hector Diaz

        The item arrived on time, packed well. Was shipped to Canada, where I received it within the week. I had the early version as part of a ocean awareness project collaboration. It came with a 100m tether and spool but was later informed that is will not be included in the basic package, but a separate feature. Overall, a very good experience with the team. The drone is quite something - I was putting it under the ice in the sea (water temperature was -5 degrees celsius), the LED light was powerful enough to light up few meters ahead and allow me to see in rather low light conditions. the sea bottom was quite rocky and I accidentally slammed the drone against those few times but it was quite durable. I was most impressed with its all-directional mobility which helped me move across the waters with ease and efficiency.
      • Fred Garmon

        Had a chance to try out new FIFISH drone by QYSEA as part of a collaborative underwater filming project with QYSEA. This is my first time operating an underwater drone before and often struggled with new electronic devices which never seem intuitive and the instructions are usually very limited. Instructions for connecting the FIFISH and Remote Controller via wifi were easy enough for me to figure out, which is not often. The FIFISH takes a little practice to navigate but some practice in the morning, I was getting the hang of it. The experience with the drone was highly interesting. As a first-time user, I appreciated the modes with different levels of difficulty which helped me get the hang of controlling the drone at a quicker pace. As someone looking for professional quality footage, I was really happy with the 4K UHD camera quality, wide angle lens and 120 fps Slow motion capture. The micro SD card is an excellent addition to a great product that let’s me export out my saved videos with ease. I happy to receive the V6 from QYSEA and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality underwater drone for professional and leisure underwater exploration and filming.
      • Thomas

        Just pre-ordered it a couple of days ago. Can't wait to try!
    • Accessories list Quantity
      FIFISH V6 Underwater Robot ×1
      Remote Controller ×1
      Kevlar Tether ×1
      Underwater Robot Charger ×1
      Remote Control Charger ×1
      • What materials is it made out of?

        The shell of the FIFISH V6 is made with a combination of aluminum, glass and polycarbonate (PC) material.

      • What are the dimensions and weight?

        The dimensions are 383 mm x 331 mm x 143 mm (15 in x 13 in x 5 5/8 in), with its weight being 3.9 kg (5 5/8 lbs).

      • How can I turn the FIFISH V6 ON & OFF?

        Turn ON the remote controller (Press and hold the ON/OFF button, until you hear 7 low to high chimes (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti).

      • What are the camera specifications?

        FIFISH V6's camera system is equipped with the following specs:

        • Sensor: 1/2.3” SONY CMOS

        • 12Mega Pixels

        • ISO Range: 100-6400 in Auto / Manual

        • Field of View: 166°

        • Aperture: f/2.5

        • Burst Shooting (1 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 10 frames)

        • White Balance: 2500K ~ 8000K

        • Photo Format: JPG, DNG

        • Video Resoltion:  4K UHD: 25/30 fps & 1080P FHD/ 120 fps

        • Internal Storage: 64 GB standard (128 GB is Optional)

      • Tell me more about joy sticks, and how can I control the ROV?

        The left joystick is for horizontal movements, such as forward, reverse, left turn and right turn. The right joystick is for controlling its pitch and roll rotations. The all-new left and right wheels on the back of the controller control the drones lateral and horizontal movements.

      • What is the micro-SD card slot on remote controller?

        This is only for exporting and wirelesslt downloading the original 4K video content from FIFISH V6 internal memory.

      • What is the purpose of the tether and why do we need it?

        Operating the ROV are requiring the communication and massive data transportation on First Person View (FPV). However, due to the narrow bandwidth, waking inside the salt water or request the accurate directions disadvantages of wireless communication system, the neutral buoyancy tether provide a reliable and good quality for communication solutions.

        In addition, the FIFISH tether made from the Kevlar®, which is capable to hold an adult's body weight (80 kg or 178 lbs).

      • What is the format of Video & Picture?

        The format of video is MP4, and the format of the picture is JPEG.

      • How often does it need to charge?

        Is recommended to charge and discharge once for every 3 months, then charge to 50~60% for storage.

      • What is the capacity of the Lithium battery inside FIFISH V6?

        The capacity of V6's internal Lithium battery is 97.2, which is following the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and TSA regulations.

      • What are charging voltages for the adapters?

        Underwater ROV:

        Input: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz,1.3 A MAX

        Output: 12.9 V ⎓ 6A

        Remote Controller:

        Input: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz,0.5 A MAX

        Output: 5 V ⎓ 3A