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  • FIFISH V6 Underwater Robot

    World's first OMNI 4K underwater drone that truly moves like a fish!

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    • 6 Degrees of Freedom6 Degrees of Freedom
    • FIFISH Posture Lock™FIFISH Posture Lock™
    • Head TrackingHead Tracking
    • 100m Depth Rating100m Depth Rating
    • Slow motion at 240 fpsSlow motion at 240 fps
    • 12 Megapixels12 Megapixels
    • 4K UHD Camera4K UHD Camera
    • 166° FOV166° FOV
    • RAW in DNG FormatRAW in DNG Format
    • Quick ChargeQuick Charge
    • 4000 Lumen LED4000 Lumen LED
    • CCT 5500 KCCT 5500 K


    • 100m Package


    • FIFISH V6
    • Holder with sunhood
    • HDMI Box

    Accessories & Attachment Tools

    • HDMI Box$199.00

      Broadcast your adventures live and instantly through your social platforms.

    • V6 Hardcase Luggage$449.00

      Take your drone on the go with ease. Safely pack your V6 and accessories with the all-in-one travel case.

    • FIFISH Towel$4.99

      FIFISH Towel

    • Thruster Protectors$50.00

      Thruster Protectors. Shipping within 5 working days after placing your order.
      Item is subject to additional shipping fees.

    • Lighter Mount$139.00

      Lighter Mount. Shipping within 5 working days after placing your order.
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    • Universal Sports Camera Mount (Upper)$69.00

      Universal Sports Camera Mount (Upper). Shipping within 5 working days after placing your order.
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    • Universal Sports Camera Mount (Bottom)$39.00

      Universal Sports Camera Mount (Bottom). Shipping within 5 working days after placing your order.
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    • Underwater Dozer$259.00

      Underwater Dozer. Shipping within 10 working days after placing your order.
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      • Steve M.

        This is quite the unique and special underwater gadget! Set-up of our FIFISH was relatively simple and fast. You won't need any special knowledge about drones prior to familiarize the controls. Connect the drone to its cable and your phone to its wifi, then we were ready to go.

        As were not expert drone pilots by any means, we were slightly anxious before driving the drone. With a mode designed for beginners, piloting the FIFISH was incredibly user-friendly and simple. The app and live feed also shows you live all the information you need: depth, battery, 3D modeling, direction, etc. In addition, the V6 held well against mild currents with its stabilization system.

        In addition to its omni-directional movement, we were highly impressed with the camera as well. Shooting at 4K or full HD slow motion, we were able to capture some great cinematic wide-angle shots at our nearby waters.

        A few bumps in between but that’s understandable. As our first try was not great, we needed time to master the controls and understand how to utilize its movement to shoot great sequences. The product is great, especially if you want to broadcast your feed live on a large screen or though live-streaming platform with their hdmi box.
      • J. Martin

        The Fifish V6 is the only omnidirectional underwater drone I've came across and it's impressively stable. Very cool to use along side aerial drones! Camera is decent however you cannot manually control shutter and frame rate is limited to 25 or 30 (As well as slow mo options) where a 23.976 option would be nice.

        Custom Service is quick to respond and has been extremely helpful whenever I have questions. Would definitely recommend this product for your underwater adventures throughout the season!
      • Vicrtor M

        Had a pleasant experience using the V6 in the open ocean. The video quality is quite nice, and I was able to get decent footage. The depth lock feature works quite well and I was surprised at the drone’s ability to hold its depth and orientation. This is a huge success and makes this drone stand out from the crowd. The HDMI box is a great way plug our live feed into a larger HDTV for our team to see the footage.

        Now here are some slight issues I experienced and I hope this helps. 1. In several separate occasiions, I experienced up to 3 seconds of latency from the moment I input a move on a stick to when I see the movement on camera. 2. The 3D model used for orientation is confusing. The shape of the V6 is quite unique, recognizable, form, so when I glance at it, I cannot tell how the drone is oriented. 3. Downloading videos to the memory card is very convenient but a little slow; I hope the team can fix this in their next app upgrades.

        Overall, I’m happy with the product and optimistic it will continue to make huge improvements with the frequent their frequent app updates.
      • Brian Reed

        Your drone is amazing, I use it several times per week, I have waited for the perfect submarine drone for 3 years (omnidirectional). Even at the beginning I had issues, you helped me to solve it with your updates of your app, and with your advices. Furthermore, your live chat is very useful and the technical support team was always online to help me, before my order with my questions, during the shipping with the fees, and after with my issues.

        Your team do really a great job and I felt safe to trade with you. Indeed, it's always complicated to trust a company that you don't know, especially when you have to spend a lot of money. But with you all was great. For the future I hope that you will continue to improve your app with new features and more stability. The controls take a little while to get used to, other than that it has been a blast to dive with. The service was excellent and shipping was quick!
      • Adam C

        I really like the all-directional maneuverability of the ROV. A protector for the end the cable will be perfect, but I do like the wireless transfer of photos and video to your portae SD card.

        I love the potential of this ROV. My 'go to' Android phone tablet, that works with all my latest DJI products, won't work properly during the video record process at this time, but a tech rep suggested a device later than 2016 to have it run more smoothly. At the moment very interesting, but I wish there were tutorials and videos in different languages. For the Spanish example, for me it is not a toy, it is a tool that needs to be maximized and it is difficult to know its full potential by watching videos, in English, only. Hope there will be more languages soon!
      • Dave

        V6 is an amazing drone! The only issue to improve on is the camera software and the glitches, but with the latest App update, everything sees much better now.

        I've only used it for a week, so not too much experience yet. I do like the RC controller. I would ask if it has object avoidance because it can move quickly and smashing into something might damage it. My flight drone has object avoidance. It is very important soak your drone in fresh water within a few hours after using it in salt waters (to avoid corrosion of the V6). Excited to use it more, especially during the summertime.
      • Leo W

        This thing is looks and performs tremendously! When I first received it, I was testing the drone in the pool. IT'S SO COOL! Man was this thing fun and intuitive to use. That VR mask experience was AMAZING.

        When wanting to review the footage off the memory car, I noticed it was blank, which gave me quite the surprise. So then I reviewed the back of the Quick Start Guide manual, and it mentions that the remote has build in memory, where we can to transfer out the footage wirelessly to your phone or SD card via the app.

        Some additional feedback: While wearing the VR headset, everything was going great, and then the screen started to slowly turn dark, starting from the top of the screen, and slowly turned black over about 8 seconds. I turned off the controller, closed the app, and turned it all back on, and it worked again. So maybe this is just a slight connection issue. Connecting from the app is a little glitchy sometimes, but after it's connected and working, it seems to stay working. It's just the initial connection. I've never had this much fun in a pool in my entire life, both my wife and I were so excited while testing it further and eventually taking it out to the oceans!
      • Zane

        I tried my fifish V6 in a little pool and i only have one word to describe the drone. Amazing It moves under water like a fish! I am amazed at how well it can move underwater. I love Everything about it, the software, the controls, the RC, motor lock, depth lock and of course the drone itself, the list goes on. I haven’t tried the VR yet but I can’t wait. The quality of everything is absolutely fantastic. The suitcase is amazing. It was mishandled by the courier service and come with broken wheels, but I’m pretty certain it’s an easy fix. I absolutely love everything about this. It’s incredibly easy to learn how to control. I’m very happy with my purchase and your great customer service. I just love the quality of everything that QYSEA has made is excellent. Happy and excited to be on the FIFISH team!
      • Luke Frey

        Ran a test in a nearby lake and this robots maneuvering is amazing! Ran into one slight at the beginning, which is that that the drone wouldn’t record. After speaking with the technical support team, I realized I had not updated my app to the latest version, so the problem was fixed right away following the download. I look forward to using the specialized spool, as it's crazy keeping the tether in a neat pile. Overall, a fantastic product!
      • Chen

        Just received my unit yesterday; it was slightly later then the schedule arrival date but the customer service team did a great job of keeping me updated with the status while in shipment.

        The drone is a lot of fun and was captivated by its incredible maneuverability and immersive VR functions. I loved the wearing the VR goggles and controlling the directions with my head; the provides an unbeatable underwater diving experience like I’ve never experienced before. The goggles however where slightly on the heavier side, but nice and comfortable. But how about the Head Tracking feature; such an transformative feature for an ROV, where I get to go where a look, the takes immersiveness to a new level!

        I was using the drone out at sea and the bottom was quite rocky and I slammed the drone against those few times at lowest speed, but no damage seen after I got it to the surface. Afterwards, I was trying it in the river, where the bottom is sandy, so in few occasions the drone was sucking up the sand from the bottom into the vertical engine, which give me a little scare but the drone was able to power through. I was thoroughly impressed with its ‘omnidirectional’ movement, never thought moving backwards would be so useful. Also really cool just to show off with some flips and tricks, which make for some great shots as well.
      • Omar M

        I will be back to post pictures from the 4K UHD camera. Needless to say, I am very happy with this underwater ROV. It's a compact-sized remote control underwater submarine with an top-notch camera system. It can rise up & down, move laterally left & right, perform 360-degree flips, rolls and so much more. Its 4000 lumen lights are the powerful LEDs I’ve seen on a consumer ROV, for operation in the dark. It can take still pictures in RAW format and film footage in MP4. The instructions are very user-friendly and easy understand as well! Isn't that wonderful?

        If you are a fish lover or would just have to have a fish’s point-of-view, this is the ultimate tank accessory for you! I think it's an amazing time we live in when one can think up an idea, look for it on Google. And guess what, if it exists, it ships! I wouldn’t need so spend time building it! If the FIFISH team is listening, please find more ways to upgrade this thing! i.e. add radio transmitter, sonar systems, fishing hook, longer tether, etc. I believe it would further improve the experience tremendously.
      • Linda

        Though I haven’t had the chance to take the drone out for a deep dive in the natural springs here in Miami, the unit tested fine and fantastically in my swimming pool. The drone and all its accessories are made to last and are very nicely crafted. I ordered the unit comes with a separate suitcase to pack all its accessories and the drone for easy storage and transportation. I look forward to trying the drone in the amazing springs here in Florida, but the picture it provided while using it in my pool was great quality. I definitely recommend this underwater drone to other buyers and while it’s the price is quite high, you won’t be disappointed with how well the unit is put together and the picture it provides.
      • Cameron

        This is an awesome piece of machine; I have never owned something like this!
        First of all, it has a very impressive camera - at 4k, the quality is absolutely amazing. I took my son and daughter to a river near our house and figured I would give this a try. The machine is not huge, but moderate in size. It’s also not very heavy but does have adequate amount of weight to it. It also seems quite durable. With 6 thrusters, the controls are versatile so I would recommend reading the entire manual before trying this out.

        FIFISH V6 is quite powerful, all-directional, but most of all it looks so cool! The remote control is simple to familiarize with, at least I think so. My kids are totally amazed with this and I even let them play around with it.

        I do not use it for fishing or for any other reasons except for leisure, filming and photography. Amazing the things we were able to see under water. Note that this lasted me on battery, post charging, about 2 hour and 50 minutes, after which it started to decrease in speed. Very happy with this unique device though!
      • Andrea Martin

        Going to Mexico soon and can’t wait to get mine! Excellent customer service team who answered all my questions thoroughly. Cheers!
      • Ryan

        I took an early model on a trip to Hawaii for a filming project, compliments of the FIFISH Team.

        The head tracking function was quite an amazing function that really made me feel immersed into the ocean world. Almost forgetting about the remote controller, I was able to capture amazing footage and control where I wanted to go simply by moving my head and looking that particular direction. In the evening, we were able to leverage the drone’s bright LED’s to capture some amazing shots of the giant and majestic Manta Rays.

        A truly amazing trip made even better with the FIFISH V6.
      • Brian

        I have a small pond out behind my home that I lost a DJI Drone several years ago. FIFISH emailed me a few months ago and asked I was interested in showing this model on my video channel. I figured since I had a use for it, and several lakes around where we host the show, that this could be a fun opportunity to check out an underwater robot!

        It is truly remarkable to look at! Surprisingly, it reminds me a lot of flying an Airplane. The controls with the Pitch, Roll and Yaw of the vehicle are identical. Of course, any piloting experience would be helpful but certainly not necessary. There are 3 different skill modes I can run this submarine on.

        Also, I really like how bright the lights are! For me, the murky pond can be very dark and as long as I keep my machine moving in a forward motion, the wash from the thrust propellers was not an issue at all. The First-Person view goggles were nice and not heavy. Super neat and functional, and what a unique and amazing experience!

        Overall, I had an excellent run time and could have easily gone more. Excited to test it out more in the near future!
      • Sarah

        Received the FIFISH V6 last week for one of my video shoots. It’s very user friendly, easy to set-up with a very helpful customer service team.

        I was amazed at how free and versatile V6’s movement was and was able to simply move in any direction and angle imaginable. My videos involve deep dives into wreckage sites and caves, and the V6 had no problem creating some incredibly dynamic wide-angle and close-ups within one shot. I had a lot of fun and was able to affectively focus on my targets with various smart controls, like locking the drone’s angle and depth while moving.

        the drone was effortless in providing smooth and shake-free footage, making my post-editing tasks highly enjoyable. I would suggest doing a little learning in a pool to get use to the controls before plunging it into the ocean. It is simple to operate, video is outstanding as are the stills. Overall, very well-made piece of equipment with great service!
      • Kevin Lee

        Just pre-ordered this over the weekend. Just time for Summer and excited to take this out for a dive!
      • Hector Diaz

        The item arrived on time, packed well. Was shipped to Canada, where I received it within the week. I had the early version as part of a ocean awareness project collaboration. It came with a 100m tether and spool but was later informed that is will not be included in the basic package, but a separate feature.

        Overall, a very good experience with the team. The drone is quite something - I was putting it under the ice in the sea (water temperature was -5 degrees celsius), the LED light was powerful enough to light up few meters ahead and allow me to see in rather low light conditions. the sea bottom was quite rocky and I accidentally slammed the drone against those few times but it was quite durable. I was most impressed with its all-directional mobility which helped me move across the waters with ease and efficiency.
      • Fred Garmon

        Had a chance to try out new FIFISH drone by QYSEA as part of a collaborative underwater filming project with QYSEA.

        This is my first time operating an underwater drone before and often struggled with new electronic devices which never seem intuitive and the instructions are usually very limited. Instructions for connecting the FIFISH and Remote Controller via wifi were easy enough for me to figure out, which is not often. The FIFISH takes a little practice to navigate but some practice in the morning, I was getting the hang of it. The experience with the drone was highly interesting. As a first-time user, I appreciated the modes with different levels of difficulty which helped me get the hang of controlling the drone at a quicker pace.

        As someone looking for professional quality footage, I was really happy with the 4K UHD camera quality, wide angle lens and 120 fps Slow motion capture. The micro SD card is an excellent addition to a great product that let’s me export out my saved videos with ease.

        I happy to receive the V6 from QYSEA and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality underwater drone for professional and leisure underwater exploration and filming.
      • Thomas

        Just pre-ordered it a couple of days ago. Can't wait to try!

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    • Accessories list Quantity
      FIFISH V6 Underwater Robot ×1
      Remote Controller ×1
      100M Tether With Reel ×1
      VR headtracking box ×1
      Underwater Robot Charger ×1
      Remote Control Charger ×1
      • What materials is it made out of?

        The shell of the FIFISH V6 is made with a combination of aluminum, glass and polycarbonate (PC) material.

      • What are the dimensions and weight?

        The dimensions are 383 mm x 331 mm x 143 mm (15 in x 13 in x 5 5/8 in), with its weight being 3.9 kg (5 5/8 lbs).

      • How can I turn the FIFISH V6 ON & OFF?

        Turn ON the remote controller (Press and hold the ON/OFF button, until you hear 7 low to high chimes (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti).

      • What are the camera specifications?

        FIFISH V6's camera system is equipped with the following specs:

        • Sensor: 1/2.3” SONY CMOS

        • 12Mega Pixels

        • ISO Range: 100-6400 in Auto / Manual

        • Field of View: 166°

        • Aperture: f/2.5

        • Burst Shooting (1 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 10 frames)

        • White Balance: 2500K ~ 8000K

        • Photo Format: JPG, DNG

        • Video Resoltion:  4K UHD: 25/30 fps & 1080P FHD/ 120 fps

        • Internal Storage: 64 GB standard (128 GB is Optional)

      • Tell me more about joy sticks, and how can I control the ROV?

        The left joystick is for horizontal movements, such as forward, reverse, left turn and right turn. The right joystick is for controlling its pitch and roll rotations. The all-new left and right wheels on the back of the controller control the drones lateral and horizontal movements.

      • What is the micro-SD card slot on remote controller?

        This is only for exporting and wirelesslt downloading the original 4K video content from FIFISH V6 internal memory.

      • What is the purpose of the tether and why do we need it?

        Operating the ROV are requiring the communication and massive data transportation on First Person View (FPV). However, due to the narrow bandwidth, waking inside the salt water or request the accurate directions disadvantages of wireless communication system, the neutral buoyancy tether provide a reliable and good quality for communication solutions.

        In addition, the FIFISH tether made from the Kevlar®, which is capable to hold an adult's body weight (80 kg or 178 lbs).

      • What is the format of Video & Picture?

        The format of video is MP4, and the format of the picture is JPEG.

      • How often does it need to charge?

        Is recommended to charge and discharge once for every 3 months, then charge to 50~60% for storage.

      • What is the capacity of the Lithium battery inside FIFISH V6?

        The capacity of V6's internal Lithium battery is 97.2, which is following the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and TSA regulations.

      • What are charging voltages for the adapters?

        Underwater ROV:

        Input: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz,1.3 A MAX

        Output: 12.9 V ⎓ 6A

        Remote Controller:

        Input: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz,0.5 A MAX

        Output: 5 V ⎓ 3A


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