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FIFISH P3 Underwater Robotic Vehicle Dives Into the Blue With True Cinematic 4K Video FIFISH P3 Underwater Robotic Vehicle Dives Into the Blue With True Cinematic 4K Video
December 13, 2017 - (
Qysea announces the launch of the FIFISH P3, the most advanced underwater ROV drone and video platform for high resolution cinematic quality recording at depths of up to 100 meters.

The latest drone technology has created an emerging market for underwater ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicles) capable of incredible undersea exploration, photography and video. The P3 by FiFish is leading the way with their latest release that makes true cinema quality 4K video available and affordable for consumers and professionals alike.

Like the popular 4K GoPro sports camera, the FiFish P3 is a user-friendly way to take the plunge in underwater video but includes the most advanced features and best in class performance that has captured the attention of professionals too.

Unlike other underwater photography platforms, the remote controlled P3 utilizes a 1-inch 20 Megapixel CMOS sensor that is almost 4 times the size of typical underwater camera sensors. It has an ultra-wide 162° FOV (Field of View) and a powerful 4000 Lumen lighting system specially designed for dark underwater environments. With a maximum ISO of 12800 as well as increased contrast, it captures details in darker environments like no other cameras system, for a true cinematic quality video experience. The P3 also delivers incredible imagery and smooth live streaming in 1080P @ 30fps or 720P @ 30fps using 2.4 GHZ transmission.

Unlike other off-the-shelf underwater drones, FiFish P3 takes performance to a new level. It has an advanced hand-held control unit with smartphone/tablet mount and provides seamless control in 6 directions of movement using finely tuned, ultra-sensitive controls. Professionals will feel right at home with the control unit and new users will quickly master it too.

Designed by a top team of experts in computational fluid dynamics, the P3 has a 3 thruster power system that can achieve perfect underwater suspension, multiple speeds and a working depth of up to 100 meters. A healthy 2 hour battery life makes dives longer for more video capture time. The P3 is perfect for free divers, professional underwater photographers, and skilled hobbyists alike.

The P3 team is a group of engineers and fluid dynamics experts gathered from China and Taiwan, many of them divers themselves, with the mission to deliver the best underwater drone and cinema quality video platform ever created.

"As drone technology has improved along with better and smaller 4K sport camera systems, we saw that there simply wasn't a quality option for remote underwater filming. As divers and video enthusiasts ourselves, we knew we could build a better system, a totally revolutionary platform with performance that would be suitable for consumers as well as professionals alike. The result is the P3, the perfect vehicle to capture epic moments underwater."  Chong, Zhang CEO of Qysea

The FiFish P3 represents a new standard in underwater drone exploration and videography that has applications for movies, industry and recreation. It is part of a new generation of remote controlled drones that combine true cinematic equipment with powerful ROV technology. With the FiFish P3, the underwater world is now accessible. Join the adventure…

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