Multiple Applications Multiple Applications
Multiple Applications
FIFISH underwater robots provide the best quality and durable solution for various applications.
Professional Shooting Solution Professional Shooting Solution
Professional Shooting Solution
We specially designed lens and camera system for underwater conditions.
Ultimate Reliability Ultimate Reliability
Ultimate Reliability
We applied the highest standard (60 μm cation oxidation on aluminate alloy for corrosion resistance) for product quality control.

FIFISH V6 is the 1st OMNI-directional compact ROV with 4K UHD camera. The patented “Smart Thruster Array” ™ enables V6 to break the limits of angles, unleash the creativity.

FIFISH P3 as the 1st cinematic underwater drone equipped with 1-inch CMOS sensor, enhanced by the adjustable focusing distance can deliver the cinematic results.
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QYSEA X PADI: Sharing and Conserving the Ocean’s Beauty Through Technology

QYSEA X PADI: Sharing and Conserving the Ocean’s Beauty Through Technology

A global organization with connected associations established across the world, PADI is reported to have a membership base of over 135,000 individuals and 6,500 dive centres, and had awarded more than 25,000,000 diving certifications internationally!

  • Hainan Filming Adventure with the FIFISH V6

    06-07 2019

    Back in early June, QYSEA embarked on an exciting and momentous journey to the tropical city of Hainan. The mission was to take part in a wildlife television series in collaboration with the premiere television network of Mainland China: CCTV.

  • Astonishing Things to Discover with the FIFISH V6

    06-03 2019

    The ocean makes up nearly 70% of the Earth’s surface, where 95% has been yet to be explored. There are so much amazing things in the aquatic world below us that most of us aren’t even aware of. From hidden gems to sunken cities, the seas are truly full of

  • FIFISH V6 Underwater Drone: Complete Freedom of Movement

    05-28 2019

    20/05/2019 - The year 2019 is certainly an excellent vintage for underwater drone enthusiasts. New players have appeared making the offering very complete. The consumer will not complain...

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