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FIFISH P3 True UHD 4K Video System – Available Now on Indiegogo FIFISH P3 True UHD 4K Video System – Available Now on Indiegogo
FIFISH P3 Underwater Drone & True UHD 4K Video System – Available Now on Indiegogo

By Geeky Gadgets

For the first time ever, UHD 4k underwater video is possible at depths up to 100 meters using the FIFISH P3, the most advanced underwater remotely operated drone and video system available now on Indiegogo.

This innovative new product from FIFISH makes underwater exploration, photography and video accessible and affordable for anyone with advanced features, user-friendly remote control, powerful lighting and high-definition 4k video.


The FIFISH P3 is the result of more than 2 years of exhaustive research and development with the aim to achieve professional level performance in an affordable and easy to operate underwater ROV video platform. The remote-controlled FIFISH P3 delivers incredible images and video thanks to a 1-inch 20 Megapixel CMOS sensor that is almost 4 times the size of typical underwater camera sensors. Its powerful 4000 Lumen lighting system is specially designed for underwater performance in low-light conditions with 8 adjustable lighting levels and the ultra-wide 162° FOV (Field of View) captures more underwater scenery. The system uses enhanced contrast to achieve greater video detail and 4K resolution for true UHD level video quality.

In spite of its advanced features, the team at FIFISH created a system that is easy for anyone to use. It utilizes a finely tuned hand-held control unit with a smartphone/tablet mount to view lag-free live streaming in 720P @ 30fps or 1080P @ 25fps using 2.4 GHZ transmission. 6 direction control lets the FIFISH move smoothly through the water at any depth from the surface down to 100 meters. Buoyancy, navigation and control during filming is steady using the on-board triple thruster system that can perform up to 1.5m/s forward/backward movement.


Special attention was given to the battery system of the FIFISH P3 to address limitations in typical underwater drones. The built-in 8100mAh rechargeable high-performance battery allows the FIFISH to operate and film for up to 2 hours at a time for longer videos and challenging tasks. The team behind the FIFISH P3 includes experts in computational fluid dynamics and engineers specializing in ROV technology. Motivated by a desire to build the most advanced user-friendly underwater drone possible, the FIFISH P3 is designed to satisfy any underwater filming application for consumers, filmmakers, professional photographers and industrial uses.

“Our team was tasked with creating an advanced underwater 4k video platform that had professional features and performance but was affordable and easy enough for anyone to use. As divers and photographers ourselves, we wanted to give everyone the ability to experience the wonder of the underwater world.” Belinda Zhang, CEO, FIFISH.


The FIFISH P3 allows anyone to explore and film underwater without even getting wet. It is the first consumer ROV underwater drone with true UHD quality 4k video and the perfect way to capture epic underwater moments.

The FIFISH P3 system includes everything necessary to begin underwater exploration and filming. It is made with portability in mind and the complete system fits into a rolling carrier system perfect for travel to and from diving locations. The all-in-one FIFISH system is now available on Indiegogo with special savings up to $3800 off for early adopters. Learn more about the FIFISH P3 here:

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