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FIFISH underwater robots are highly-capable and equipped for shipyard inspections in providing a safe, ready-to-go, and efficient solution for hull check-ups.
Carry Out Detailed
Hull Inspections
Monitor Activity &
Damages at Shipyards
Reduce Operating Costs
& Human Risks
Increase Your Capacity for
Maritime & Shipping Inspections

Essential Applications

  • Visual Hull Inspections

  • AI Smart Monitoring

  • Efficient Port Operations

  • Early Identification of Problems

  • Perform detailed inspections in 4K clarity on essential shipping components to ensure smooth operations out at sea. The FIFISH’s features and functions provide the operator great flexibility to perform underwater inspections in a simplified, efficient, and effective manner.

    Manoeuvre with 360° of freedom to perform close-up checks of main propellers, sacrificial anodes, stern tube bearings, and rudders with ease. FIFISH ROVs provide an efficient method to take multiple inspections alongside divers, and can consistently carry out monitoring tasks to optimize maintenance schedules and maximize performance for important vessels.

  • The AI Vision Lock system lets the operator visually secure onto selected targets of the ship across with ease and precision. By simply pressing on the area of interest on their APP screen and the ROV then intuitively adjusts its position, locking the target at the screen center. Place the focus on areas of concern with the team for effective communication and problem-solving.

    FIFISH’s Automove Smart feature allows the operator to set an automated sequence of movements for the FIFISH ROV. Beneficial across small vessels to large ships, these smart features allow operators to focus on carrying out detailed inspections as the steady control and movement are taken care of.

  • FIFISH ROVs deliver an easy, fast, and effective way to perform inspections of ports and docking ships to ensure port security and safety for ships and workers. Not only is it a modern inspection solution, but FIFISH ROVs can also provide the first look at the diving environment to ensure port security and safety for ships and workers.

    The FIFISH’s compact size and lightweight build allow for quick deployment around the port area, delivering real-time feedback on structural integrity and ship docking procedures. Increase overall operational efficiency of ship ports by creating efficient and cohesive communications between the ROV, divers, and onshore operators.

  • The FIFISH ROV's 4K camera, compact build, and lumen LED lighting system -along with various add-on capabilities- is an optimal and efficient solution to meticulously identify early signs of corrosion, small initial damages on the hull, as well as unknown foreign objects.

    Utilize live-streaming and remote control equipment to produce effective communications between teams across different locations, to discuss and resolve the essential issues at hand for the ship, optimally and reliably.

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How can QYSEA be your Search & Rescue Solution?

  • 30 Seconds Quick

    Deployment Time

  • Up to 350m

    Operating Depth

  • AI Vision Lock

    & Adaptive Position Holding

  • Long-lasting

    & Swappable Power

  • Portable, Simple &

    Light to Carry

  • Multi-tool Ports

    & Integrations

Industry News & Updates

QYSEA's Innovative AI Vision Lock Platform sets a new standard of maritime operations The newly-developed QYSEA AI Platform includes a range of adaptive position and vision locking systems for all FIFISH ROVs.


An Advanced & Smart Solution for Ship Monitoring. FIFISH Underwater ROVs prove vital in collaborating with divers to detect underwater hull damage, troubleshoot underwater equipment, identify rust and damage marks on hull equipment, the growth of barnacles, and much more.


Advanced & Smart Solution for the Shipbuilding Industry. FIFISH Underwater ROVs assist a majority of divers' traditional tasks to detect underwater hull damage, troubleshoot underwater equipment, identify rust and damage marks on hull equipment, the growth of barnacles, and much more.

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Advancements in subsea robotics and technologies -through increasingly compact, capable, and autonomous systems- have led to a rapid boost in operating efficiencies, data-collecting methods, and working safety across the marine sectors.


The FIFISH Underwater Robots -developed by QYSEA- is a series of compact professional ROV solutions designed for advanced small-scale operations and inspections.


The FIFISH’s self-developed vector thruster system achieves 360-degree freedom in underwater mobility for the operator, redefining industry standards of small robotics implemented for professional marine inspections, operations, and explorations.

QYSEA in Maritime
Enterprise-grade & small-sized OMNI · 4K smart ROV, with 150-meter depth rating & multi-tool attachment capabilities
Add-On Accessories
Ultrasonic Metal Thickness Gauge
Station Lock Module
Electric Powered Spool
Robotic Arm
Onshore Power Supply System (OPSS)
Professional-class, high-performance & multi-functional OMNI · 4K underwater productivity tool
Add-On Accessories
Laser Scaler
Distance Meter
Ultra Metal Thickness Gauge
AR Laser Ruler
Enterprise-grade & mid-sized OMNI · dual 4K smart ROV, with 350-meter depth rating & multi-tool attachment capabilities
Add-On Accessories
Ultra Metal Thickness Gauge
Onshore Power Supply System (OPSS)
Cavitation Jet Cleaner

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