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QYSEA Unveils Two Exciting Additions to their FIFISH Series at CES 2020 QYSEA Unveils Two Exciting Additions to their FIFISH Series at CES 2020

QYSEA brought an unforgettable impact at CES 2019 when it introduced the first Omni-Directional underwater drone within the consumer ROV market. By coupling this award-winning design with best in class 4K UHD recording capability, the FIFISH V6, became one of the most sought after ROVs in the underwater consumer and light industrial markets. QYSEA continued to delight the underwater world at CES 2020, with two bold additions to their family, he FIFISH V6+ and the FIFISH W6.


As you might imagine, QYSEA, leveraged its V6 award-winning design as the backbone for both the FIFISH V6+ and FIFISH W6. So, in addition to unmatched maneuverability and fantastic image reproduction and recording capability, QYSEA, has also strengthened and optimized the performance of its’ new fleet by outfitting them with a more stable power system, imaging sonar, an underwater positioning system, increased lighting brightness, extended battery life, and the ability to dive even deeper. This means that the FIFISH V6 + and W6 can operate very effectively in challenging underwater conditions that require much more complex solutions.

FIFISH V6+, combines intelligent design with smart motor technology for another first in the underwater market.

There is no other ROV in the underwater market that has made active distance lock possible, until now.  With another first, QYSEA, has developed an active distance lock system that enables the V6+ to lock its position a fixed distance from an object it is inspecting without being adversely affected or knocked off course by tides, currents, or other turbulence.


The V6+ is also equipped with Q-motor power system developed by QYSEA. In addition to increasing the power output by almost 20% when compared to the V6 it is also almost 30% more efficient in its consumption of power. In addition, the Q-Motor’s intuitive sensors actively work to prevent circuit failure that can occur when foreign debris and objects come in contact with the motors. Finally, the Q-Motor features a self-health diagnosis that will display voltage, rotation speed, temperature, etc.


Ultimately, all of these new features mean that the V6+ is robust and powerful enough to take on a wide variety of underwater commercial tasks, including dock and hull inspection, aquaculture farming, search and rescue, and much more.


FIFISH W6, intelligent design, smarter motor technology, twice the power of the V6, and an open platform for active accessories.


Not all water conditions are as clear as in Mauritius, Hawaii, and Seychelles. Murky and rough water conditions are often common place. Imaging sonar makes observation in almost any underwater environment possible. Now you can capture and record your experience in two separate formats.


The W6 was designed to be robust and powerful, perfect for large-scale surveys, deep water inspections and sampling, hull cleaning, and maintenance work of all kinds.  The enhanced power and design of the FIFISH W6 give it the ability to reach a maximum submersible depth of 300 meters and to add powered accessories and tools for a wide variety of applications.


Many surface and underwater applications require the ability to pinpoint your location. This is common with navel craft of all kinds but is not as common in the world of underwater ROVs. QYSEA, brings UPS (underwater positioning system) to the forefront with the addition of the W6 for the first time.


In addition, the W6 also offers a number of key features, including increased battery capacity, battery replacement / swapping, hull thickness detection, and an increase in light output to 10,000 lumens for visibility in environments with zero light conditions.


What about immersive VR head tracking control?


Is remote controller the only way to control drones? Obviously not. DJI showed us how to control the drone with hand gestures. QYSEA impressed us with immersive VR head tracking control into the underwater drone industry.


QYSEA never disappointed us. QYSEA has revolutionized the definition of drone control. VR immersive control is a combination of VR technology and immersive control technology. I was told by QYSEA that VR immersive control was one of the key functions that attract families with children and the elderly. The underwater environment is not friendly to all age range.


When users wear customized VR glasses, FIFISH is eyes, manipulating the attitude and direction of the machine through the movement of the head feels like immersing itself in the ocean, bringing an extraordinary new experience.

The competent underwater drone market


According to the data, the entire underwater drone market size can reach 35 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. The demand and scale of the enterprise market are promising and will definitely bring more innovation to the market.


QYSEA has also developed a variety of products. In addition to the development in the consumer market, QYSEA provided a platform-based solution, which is widely used in different needs of underwater assignments.


Next leader on the underwater drone market


Relying on the superior performance and reputation of the product, QYSEA has successfully established stable and long-term cooperations with many well-known companies and brands, such as the multinational group 3A group, China CCTV-9, the world's largest diving organization PADI, the US nuclear energy Organizations and the CNN. Even on social platforms such as Twitter and Youtube, there are a large number of KOLs and company executives recommending FIFISH products.


As a leader in the underwater drone industry, QYSEA has established a strong distribution network in 89 countries, such as United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and other places. At the same time, QYSEA has built channels on Hawaii, Southeast Asian island resorts, Australia and other places, and reached cooperation with travel platforms to develop and operate product marketing, leasing, and experience projects to drive the development of the local tourism market.


In the field of aerial drones, DJI stands on the peak, showing its scientific and technological strength to the world. In the $ 35 billion blue ocean of the underwater drone industry, is QYSEA going to be the next unicorn company? We believe so!

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