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QYSEA's FIFISH E-GO AI Underwater Robot Wins the Coveted iF Design Award QYSEA's FIFISH E-GO AI Underwater Robot Wins the Coveted iF Design Award

QYSEA Technology's FIFISH E-GO AI underwater robot has successfully won the German iF DESIGN AWARD.


Recently, the German iF Design Award, known as the "Oscars of the Design Industry," announced the list of winners for 2024. QYSEA's FIFISH E-GO stood out from 10,800 entries as one of the winners of the 2024 iF Design Award.


As one of the world's three major industrial design awards, alongside the German Red Dot Award and the American IDEA Award, the German iF Design Award was founded by the Hanover Industrial Design Forum in 1953 and is renowned for its "independent, rigorous, and reliable" judging principles, with very strict evaluation criteria.


This year, the iF Design Award established five dimensions—Idea, Form, Function, Differentiation, and Impact—as its evaluation criteria, making the selection results highly representative. QYSEA's FIFISH E-GO, with its next-generation all-round underwater operation elite design, received high recognition from over a hundred professional judges!

Innovative Build & Design

The appearance of the FIFISH E-GO has been completely revamped, adopting fluid dynamic biomimetic design, drawing inspiration from batoids and trilobites, bringing smoother body curves. At the same time, the water resistance coefficient has been further reduced, providing stronger power and resistance to currents, resulting in swift and powerful underwater operation.


QYSEA Technology's Chief Industrial Designer shares: “The FIFISH E-GO has been reshaped with simpler and smoother curves, with a sleek and flat body to reduce the common lateral water flow effects underwater, providing strong resistance to currents.”


The overall design trend of the FIFISH E-GO incorporates elements of crustaceans such as trilobites, bringing not only smaller water resistance but also a highly mimetic biological form; it also fully considers factors such as quick assembly of multiple accessories, rapid replacement of components, while delivering revamped modern design aesthetics.


In the official evaluation by the iF Design Award, the FIFISH E-GO received unanimous praise from judges in the dimension of exterior structure. The FIFISH E-GO's unique underwater elite design has gained international recognition.


Versatile Strength & Power

The FIFISH E-GO is positioned as a professional all-round AI underwater robot with powerful underwater operational capabilities. The newly designed ring-wing motors provide powerful power, coupled with a 146° underwater 4K ultra-wide image, capturing rich underwater scenes. As a professional AI underwater robot, the E-GO can accommodate up to six tools for collaborative operations, with modular design of the body supporting rapid replacement of multiple modules, industry-leading hot-swappable battery technology, providing the FIFISH E-GO with superlative operational capabilities.


In the iF evaluation, the E-GO received praise in the functional dimension. Its powerful and versatile underwater operation capabilities left a deep impression on the judges and received unanimous high scores from them, winning the iF Design Award with its comprehensive strength.


As a representative product of QYSEA Technology, the FIFISH E-GO's new design and all-round operational capabilities have won the German iF Design Award, gaining international recognition and bringing a new experience of all-round professional level to underwater operations worldwide! QYSEA Technology will continue to invest in research and development, continuously innovate to enhance underwater operation capabilities, and lead humanity in exploring deeper oceans!


FIFISH E-GO Application Scenarios:

Bridge inspection

Emergency rescue

Public security law enforcement

Water conservancy

Fishery aquaculture

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