What is Omnidirectional Movement on the FIFISH EXPERT?

The FIFISH's patented motor arrangement delivers the user complete 360° freedom to move in all directions and angles underwater (Omnidirectional Movement).

Delivering '6 Degrees of Freedom, the FIFISH can move left & right, up & down, forward & backward, as well as rotate in 360° pitches (y-axis), 360° rolls (x-axis), and 360° yaws (z-axis).

In addition, the FIFISH's Posture Lock™ function enables operators to maintain the ROV's angle position, while moving forwards or backwards simultaneously.

What are the dimensions and weight of the FIFISH V6 EXPERT?

Dimensions: 383mm (l) × 331mm (w) × 143mm (h)

Weight: 4.6 kg

Depth Rating: 100m

How can I turn the FIFISH EXPERT on & off?

Power ON: Connect the tether cable to from the remote controller the FIFISH ROV, and ensure the cap is tightened. Proceed to turn on the ROV by pressing the power button of the remote controller.
(pleasure ensure the cables and ports are clean and dry).

Power OFF: Hold the power button for several seconds and the FIFISH ROV will power off automatically. Proceed by unscrewing the cap as well as disconnecting the FIFISH ROV from the tether and controller.

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