What is the purpose of the tether?

The tether is an essential element of communication and control between the FIFISH ROV and controller. The tether is also a safety mechanism to recover the ROV in the case of unpredictable circumstances when power is lost.

In addition, the FIFISH tether made from the Kevlar material, which is highly durable and rugged enough to hold an adult's body weight (~80 kg/178 lbs).

Is it possible to bring the FIFISH V6/V6s and its battery capacity on the plane?

The capacity of FIFISH V6/V6s internal Lithium battery is 97.2-155.52 Wh; please check with your airline to confirm its suitability as carry-on luggage.

How often does the FIFISH V6 EXPERT need charging?

It is recommended to charge and discharge the FIFISH ROV once every 3 month (charge to 50~60% capacity for lengthy storage.)

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