SloMo Shooting with the FIFISH V6 SloMo Shooting with the FIFISH V6

Thanks to the immense progress of the photography and film industry, our vision that everyone person can achieve professional-level shooting in an epic slow-motion style is now a reality!

Although these images are incredibly cool, they don't necessarily need to be shot by a master photographer; anyone with a FIFISH V6 can master slow motion filming.

Slow Motion Shooting Introduction

Slow-motion shooting is also known as "high-frame-rate shooting". In general, when shooting a camera, it takes about 24-30 frames per second to play the video smoothly. However, the FIFISH V6's slow-motion shooting can shoot up to 240 frames-per-second, which 8 times than that of a standard video.

For example: 4 times slow speed is to slow down the video playback speed to 25%, the picture can be slowed down while keeping the flow smooth, resulting in a feeling that time is paused for a moment. At this time, every action of the shooting object will be enlarged, and the audience will be able to notice every small detail of the action!

Slow Motion Shooting Set Up

It is not difficult to shoot in slomotion with our V6. In the FIFISH APP interface, click the “Slow Motion” icon and wait for the “Shooting Button” to adjust to the slow-motion state. It’s as simple as that! Whether you are playing back the video or outputting out the footage to your SD card, you will see your videos in epic slow motion.

Slow Motion Shooting Tips

The greater the range of motion with the subject, the more obvious the slow motion effect. In addition, the main body of the action should not be too far away from the camera; otherwise the subject will become very small in the picture, and the details of the action will not be easy to see even when it is slower.

Even when shooting slow motion, and the camera's field of view (FOV) is slightly narrowed, and the FIFISH V6 is equipped with a 166° super wide-angle lens that provides you enough creative space for shooting and composition. Moreover, FIFISH V6 slow motion supports a wide range of slow speeds, from 2x to 8x slower than the regular speed in 1080p full HD!

The shooting environment should not be too dark. Slow-motion shooting will cause the camera to have a shutter speed of no less than 1/120 seconds, which will affect your shooting in low-light conditionals. In an environment with insufficient brightness, the camera can only adjust the ISO setting, though it will in-turn affect the overall image quality. However, the FIFISH V6 is equipped with 4000 lumen headlights that offer high-level brightness, so you don't have to worry about a thing about not having enough lights!

Are you ready to film your epic underwater adventures with the V6? We are now live!

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