YouTube's greatest RC influencer puts FIFISH V6 to the test! YouTube's greatest RC influencer puts FIFISH V6 to the test!

Since the launch of the FIFISH V6 in North America, greater attention has been picking up and word-of-mouth on the product as gone out. This has led to many amazing opportunities to work with world’s key influencers to review get our word out on a larger platform. On a particular occasion, we were table to team up with YouTube RC extraordinaire  Aaron Bidochka and his channel RCSparks Studio, which has more than 2.5 million subscriptions!

A truly unique YouTube success story. Aaron Bidochka has more than 10 years of hands-on experience with all aspects of online video production including directing, hosting, music scoring, foley, camera operations, story-telling and editing viral videos specifically targeted to brand awareness on social media platforms. Within the past seven years Aaron has been able to create a body of work within the niche industries of YouTube, Social Media Marketing, and the expansive hobby market known as “Radio Control”. His series “RC Adventures” on YouTube has pioneered a new market space, resulting in engaging hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide. Featured on CTV National news, and boasting more then 950 published episodes of his web series, Bidochka’s YouTube channel is ranked in the top 750 “Most Viewed” of all time.

"Movie Producer"

"More than a decade of shooting experience"

"Focus on wireless remote-control vehicles"

"Worked with more than 1000 RC products”

Seeing such an experienced resume and as one of YouTube’s first RC reviewers, we were honoured to get a chance to work with him, and even more exciting to get his opinion on the FIFISH V6, from a fair and professional point of view. We were thrilled that Aaaron was happy with the drone, deeming it an amazing underwater experience and the strongest underwater drone! As he is frequently contacted by numerous companies on a daily basis, we are glad he chose us!

It’s not easy for a standard ROV to cruise through the murky lakes and to meet that requirements of Aaron. But build and the various tools by FIFSH V6 makes all of this possible! Although with some control challenges at the beginning, he was quickly able to learn adapt to the environment.  FIFISH V6’s professional underwater lens and lumen headlights enhances your underwater vision, viewing distance and clarity: Our patented visual enhancement algorithm effectively filters out impurities and noise in water.

Although Aaron has been exposed to more than 1000 types of RC, it is his first time to controlling an underwater robot. We're honored the FIFISH V6 was chosen by him to be used and glad he enjoyed his time using this. Thank you again Aaron and looking forward to more exciting adventures from you soon! 

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