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The Pioneer in Global Underwater Drone Market with 3 Leading Techniques—QYSEA FIFISH P3 The Pioneer in Global Underwater Drone Market with 3 Leading Techniques—QYSEA FIFISH P3
The First All-in-one Consumer Use Underwater Drone

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08/15/2018 -- Another stop in QYSEA strategy of international marketing, Tokyo, is about to launch a press conference. QYSEA FIFISH P3 will make its debut in Japanese underwater drone industry.

As the world's first all-in-one professional [underwater drone] (, not only does FIFISH P3 have a cool and unique appearance design, it also breaks through many technical barriers. From the perspective of underwater shooting, FIFISH P3 Camera has to deal with many objective problems such as sensitization, distortion, refraction, and impurity filtering that existing in underwater environment. Through independent research and development, the camera has adopted 1-inch SONY CMOS Sensor and ultra wide angle of 162° FOV lens, which enables the drone to capture 4k HD footage and 20-megapixel pictures. And the 4000 lumens LED lights can make up for the lack of light in the deep water and help with color rendition when shooting. Along with the AI image algorithm that eliminates the occurring impurities and reduces the hot pixel, every picture can be a lively HD documentary. Also, FIFISH P3 supports manual parameter setting, autofocus, and macro shooting functions and can greatly improve users' filming experience.

In terms of camera parameters and shooting effects, FIFISH P3 is the bellwether in the field of global [underwater camera]( Another challenge for FIFISH P3 is the waterproof sealing and durability in deep water. When operating the drone, not just creatures, reefs and current may damage the machine, also the erosion of seawater and sand abrasion will wear down the drone. As a consumer-use underwater camera, P3 has freed the customers from routine examine and maintenance with professional design and core techniques. It has endured a variety of tests such as more than 1000 times power on-off tests, 200 times -20 power-on tests, 144 hours 25 continuous running tests, 144 hours 50 continuous running test, 120 hours continuous thermal shock tests etc. And the glue-free sealing technology adopted by FIFISH P3 allows the drone to reach the maximum depth of 150 meters. The reliability and durability of products have been the new standards in the field of underwater drone. The third barrier, which is also the technical threshold for the whole industry, is the stability of underwater motion.

QYSEA has applied the combination of multidimensional fluid mechanics and AI altitude algorithm into the design. Unlike the traditional underwater drone, P3 adopts extremely dynamic streamlined curves and sleek sports car modeling to make it both flexible and stable under the water. And the adjustment of attitude algorithm guarantees the stable &fast operation of FIFISH P3 in various circumstances. It is for these three products advantages that FIFISH P3 can withstand all the tests and go beyond other underwater drones.

At the very beginning, QYSEA holds on to the outstanding technology and high-quality products to meet the needs of customers and marches the overseas market in the first place. "No matter how the culture varies," said the Zhang Chong, the CEO and founder of QYSEA. "Good products are the key to market." While attaches great importance to technology advancement and product innovation, QYSEA also takes active actions to arrange overseas market channels. For now, QYSEA has established long-term exclusive cooperation partnership with agents and dealers from North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Dubai, which is a good beginning for the global deployment of QYSEA.

In addition, FIFISH P3 covers a wealth of applications such as search and rescue, archaeology, dam detection, hydrological monitoring, aquarium project, tourism projects, underwater route survey, commercial photography etc. All of them have been proved with great success. FIFISH P3 has made significant breakthrough in market cooperation. Due to its excellent underwater shooting effect and stable operation, P3 has cooperated with some professional institutions like National Geographic, Discovery, Fox News Channel, live show platforms, travel shows etc. Based on marine organism identification and sea map creation for commercial use, QYSEA will keep accumulating the data and providing an overall solution for underwater industry.

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