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The Future of Offshore Energy & Inspections is Here! QYSEA AI Underwater Robots Arrive at Offshore Technology Conference. The Future of Offshore Energy & Inspections is Here! QYSEA AI Underwater Robots Arrive at Offshore Technology Conference.

Recently, QYSEA Technology attended the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, USA, one of the world’s largest oil and gas exhibitions. At this event, QYSEA globally launched the FIFISH E-MASTER and W6 NAVI professional AI underwater robots, along with the new U-QPS 2.0 precise underwater positioning system. QYSEA is revolutionizing traditional marine operations with AI, leading the new future of intelligent oil and gas pipeline inspection. A series of new products and technologies attracted experts from the oil and gas industry from dozens of countries, who highly praised the QYSEA AI underwater robots and expressed hope for broader applications of QYSEA products and technology in the oil and gas pipeline industry to address operational challenges.

At this exhibition, we mainly showcased the FIFISH E-MASTER and W6 NAVI products. Their powerful performance and world-leading AI inspection technology garnered significant attention.

FIFISH E-MASTER is a professional-grade all-purpose underwater expert, equipped with a built-in laser scaler and forward sonar, capable of high-precision underwater inspections in complex waters.

FIFISH W6 NAVI is positioned as a professional-grade underwater inspection platform, featuring a built-in U-INS inertial navigation system, laser scaler, and Q-DVL, enabling precise underwater navigation, anti-current self-locking hover, and stability during measurement operations.

FIFISH AI underwater robots provide strong technical support for underwater pipeline inspections, earning unanimous praise from experts, scholars, and attendees at OTC.

Additionally, we introduced a series of globally leading AI inspection technologies, sparking lively discussions among attendees.

U-QPS (Underwater Quick Positioning System) 2.0:

QYSEA’s self-developed precise, efficient, intuitive, and practical ROV AI underwater rapid positioning system is based on deep learning neural network models. It integrates underwater precise positioning, POI recording, autonomous path planning, one-click return, customizable maps, and dual RTK shipborne dynamic precision positioning, bringing a groundbreaking experience in ROV underwater autonomous cruising.

AI Intelligent Pipeline Inspection:

The world’s first intelligent pipeline inspection technology for underwater robots, based on QYSEA’s AI vision algorithm and 360° omnidirectional movement capabilities, utilizes AI deep learning to intelligently identify and lock onto underwater pipelines. Once the inspection target is confirmed, the underwater robot begins automatic operation along the pipeline, without the need for manual supervision, recording and identifying pipeline damage locations in real-time, greatly enhancing inspection efficiency.

QY-MT (QYSEA Measurement Tool) Intelligent Measurement System:

Based on QYSEA’s self-developed AR scaler and intelligent data algorithm, it can measure oil and gas pipeline cracks and damage areas in one go, obtaining millimetre-level precise underwater data without the need for divers.

AI Vision Station Lock

Capable of one-click target locking, paired with QYSEA’s Q-DVL for self-locking hover anti-current, it effectively locks and observes targets for long durations, freeing the operator’s hands. This makes it ideal for long-term observation of oil and gas leakage points.

During the exhibition, we also introduced QYSEA’s operational scenarios in oil and gas pipeline inspections, underwater cable inspections, and more to thousands of guests from dozens of countries. We shared industry application cases, elaborated on QYSEA’s contributions in the AI underwater robot field, and explored the future development of underwater robots in depth.

This year's OTC exhibition not only showcased QYSEA Technology’s strong capabilities in the AI underwater robot field but also gave us a firsthand understanding of more industry applications and needs. We will continue to invest in R&D, bringing more powerful AI underwater robot products and technology, and continue to lead industry innovation.

QYSEA Underwater Inspection Cases

QYSEA has launched several globally leading powerful products in the underwater inspection field, firmly establishing itself as a global leader. QYSEA AI underwater robots have excelled in various underwater inspection fields, gaining unanimous recognition from professionals.

Peru Offshore Oil and Gas Platform Inspection

QYSEA AI underwater robots conducted underwater inspections for an offshore oil platform installation in Peru, observing the surrounding environment and the extent of corrosion, providing precise guidance for maintenance work. Additionally, they conducted environmental inspections of the surrounding seabed.

South China Sea Offshore Wind Power Inspection

Offshore wind power installations in the South China Sea require inspections. QYSEA’s industrial-grade AI underwater robots replaced divers for underwater operations, effectively reducing inspection risks. Equipped with a sonar system, the robots quickly located underwater piles, and the pinpoint floating system achieved precise hovering in the XYZ spatial plane, stable against currents, successfully completing the wind power inspection tasks.

Offshore Wind Power Inspection

Using QYSEA AI underwater robots to inspect offshore wind power foundation piles in a certain sea area, through 4K ultra-high-definition images, they clearly observed the appearance issues of wind power pile foundations, such as biological attachments and surface corrosion, providing guidance for maintenance work and significantly improving operational efficiency.

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