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QYSEA Shines at Oceanology International! New products and Cutting-edge AI Technology Unveiled QYSEA Shines at Oceanology International! New products and Cutting-edge AI Technology Unveiled

QYSEA Technology showcased multiple new products and a range of innovative technologies at the OI Exhibition, attracting many visitors to its booth, resulting in a continuous flow of attendees.

QYSEA's AI underwater robots showcased remarkable capabilities at the OI Exhibition, garnering international acclaim!

OI International, Europe's largest ocean engineering exhibition

The Oceanology International (Oi International) Exhibition in London, UK, is Europe's largest and fastest-growing exhibition for ocean technology and engineering equipment. Established in 1969, it is held every two years. This year's exhibition covers a total area of 30,000 square meters, with over 450 companies participating, mainly from China, Hong Kong SAR of China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, and other countries. The total number of attendees is expected to exceed 35,000. OI Exhibition is one of the most renowned international marine engineering exhibitions, showcasing leading marine equipment and technologies worldwide. This exhibition provides a broad cooperation platform for suppliers, contractors, and end-users in the offshore and underwater industries.

QYSEA Technology showcased a range of FIFISH AI underwater robots at the exhibition, along with the release of several new AI underwater intelligent technologies, attracting enthusiastic attention from attendees and shining brightly at this exhibition, leading the global breakthrough in AI underwater robots' development!

● AI Pipeline Intelligent Inspection

● AR Ruler Laser Measurement

● QY-MT QYSEA AI Intelligent Measurement System

● U-QPS 2.0 AI Underwater Rapid Positioning System

Bringing a Variety of AI Underwater Robots:

QYSEA presented marine-grade AI underwater robots, industrial-grade AI underwater robots, and professional measurement-type AI underwater robots at this OI Exhibition.

The marine-grade AI underwater robots are suitable for the deep-sea offshore industry, with advantages in underwater detection, precise operations, and human-computer interaction data processing.

The industrial-grade AI underwater robots possess powerful propulsion, can withstand 4 knots of water flow, and can operate continuously in depths of up to 350 meters, excelling in underwater inspections, offshore wind turbine inspections, and other fields.

The professional measurement-type AI underwater robots can be equipped with AR laser rulers, fixed-distance and fixed-height sonars, etc., to achieve millimeter-level ultra-high-precision underwater measurement work, widely applicable to various underwater measurement operations such as ship inspection, coating inspection, bridge inspection, etc.

AI Pipeline Intelligent Inspection:

QYSEA introduced self-developed AI pipeline intelligent inspection function, utilizing QYSEA's AI visual algorithm and 360° omnidirectional motion capability to intelligently identify and lock onto underwater pipelines. Once the inspection target is determined, the underwater robot begins automatic operation along the pipeline without the need for manual operation, real-time recording, intelligent identification, and recording of pipeline damage locations, liberating hands for underwater pipeline inspection, greatly improving inspection efficiency. Currently, AI pipeline intelligent inspection can be widely used in scenarios such as underwater cable inspection, oil and gas pipeline inspection, and ship anchor chain inspection.

QY-MT QYSEA Intelligent Measurement System:

QY-MT QYSEA Intelligent Measurement System is a self-developed AI underwater intelligent precision measurement system, providing a new way of non-destructive intelligent underwater robot measurement with high measurement accuracy, multiple measurement methods, and real-time data visualization. The QY-MT QYSEA Intelligent Measurement System utilizes QYSEA's self-developed AI underwater visual algorithm to analyze underwater objects, target cracks, damaged areas, etc., in real-time, and performs precise measurements with simple operation. Real-time data is displayed synchronously onshore for convenient and accurate assessment. It supports offline mode measurement, enabling precise measurement data acquisition through AI data analysis of offline images.

High-Precision Underwater Robot Rapid Positioning System: U-QPS 2.0

QYSEA Technology unveiled the U-QPS 2.0 underwater rapid positioning system at the OI Exhibition, a precise, efficient, intuitive, and practical ROV AI underwater rapid positioning system developed by QYSEA Technology. Based on deep learning neural network models, it integrates underwater precise positioning, POI point of interest recording, path planning autonomous navigation, one-key return, custom maps, and dual RTK ship-borne dynamic precision positioning, bringing a revolutionary ROV underwater autonomous cruising experience. It also integrates QYSEA's self-developed U-INS inertial navigation system for intelligent and efficient underwater inspection work.

Media Interviews

During the exhibition, QYSEA Technology staff also accepted exclusive interviews from British media.

Q: Why did QYSEA choose to participate in this OI Exhibition?
A: This OI Exhibition is the largest in Europe and has the most exhibitors, making it a grand event connecting the world's oceanographic community and marine engineering companies. QYSEA Technology is delighted to be an explorer in the world of marine technology, while also strengthening the connection between the marine scientific community and marine technology enterprises, solving those challenging underwater problems with more innovative and breakthrough technologies.

Q: What are the technological advantages of QYSEA Technology?
A: QYSEA Technology aims to become an important part of global marine technology innovation. QYSEA has compact yet powerful ROV products and self-developed AI intelligent underwater algorithms, with coverage capabilities from 0 to 350 meters deep underwater. Its rich product line can cover consumer-grade, professional-grade, marine-grade, etc., using underwater AI technology to achieve safe, intelligent, and efficient underwater operations for professionals in various fields and applications.

QYSEA fully embraces AI technology and is the first in the global underwater robot industry to implement "AI + underwater robots." Currently, it has successfully applied multiple self-developed practical underwater AI technologies to various underwater industry scenarios. It holds a leading position in multiple fields such as offshore wind power inspection and maintenance, offshore oil and gas pipeline inspection, ship inspection, marine ecological monitoring, and deep-sea fishery farming, leading the continuous development of AI underwater robots.

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